The most common signs and symptoms in babies are:

  • Shallow or difficulty latching
  • Slips off the nipple
  • Leaking/dribbling on the breast
  • Clicking or smacking noises
  • Lip blisters
  • Gumming the nipple
  • Tucked upper/lower lip when on the breast
  • Gassy, colicky baby due to air swallowing during feeding
  • More frequent feedings
  • Fatigue during feeding, baby falls asleep
  • Arching the back and pushing away
  • Reflux, spit-ups and/or frequent vomiting
  • Frequent hiccups
  • Poor weight gain
  • Difficulty bottle-feeding when breastfeeding is supplemented
  • Unable to hold a pacifier

The most common symptoms in moms are: